Writing with More Cowbell

more cowbellMy new motto for writing and life is “More Cowbell.”

Besides writing and marketing, I wear many hats, Depth Psychologist, DBA, Alpaca Rancher (really), student, college professor, daughter, mother, and wife. I study marketing and blogging obsessively.

Writing and getting published is hard. One of my goals is to help other writers by example, through building real relationships, and through information sharing. And more cowbell.

“More cowbell” is a metaphor and image for going all out, for being and showing your authentic self.

More cowbell is making your loud wonderful, obnoxious noise, and not being concerned with what people think.

More cowbell is being joyous in the moment of pure creation and sharing.

More cowbell is a metaphor and image for being more vulnerable, transparent, free, and playful in your expression.

Why else write?


Carla Paton, Ph.D.-c is a writer, marketer, and Depth Psychologist. She loves helping writers with quick and easy marketing tips so they can get back to writing. She also writes about creativity and dreamwork. Follow her here for free social media, SEO, and other marketing whiz-bang bite-sized tips for busy writers.