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Mythic Writes

I’ve studied mythology and depth psychology for many years at the graduate level, and I love sharing what I’ve learned through the works of Joseph Campbell, C. G. Jung, and many others.

It is my belief that through a close reading of myth, psyche, and dreams that I can help writers find their unique voice and authentic themes. Understanding storytelling at an archetypal level provides writers not only a proven framework, but it also plugs us into universal themes that in turn touches each reader individually.

I live with my family on a 70-acre horse and alpaca ranch on the Eastern Colorado Plains – Bijou Alpacas. The current animal count at the ranch includes 55 alpacas, 1 sweet llama, 6 horses, 6 dogs, 7 cats, 30 chickens, 1 macaw, 1 parakeet, and 1 14-foot boa constrictor. I often write about goings-on at the ranch and our connections to the land.

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